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Democratizing ecommerce entrepreneurship

Two weeks after my 16th birthday, I walked into local city hall and signed up for a business license.

It was shockingly easy. I got the license, which I then used to set up a business credit card.

If you have an US business license and credit card, it turns out, you can do pretty much anything. Just like that, I was off to the races in starting my first ecommerce business. I quickly was able to accept credit card payments, find trusted suppliers who wanted to work with me, and run advertising to reach potential customers.

This is the experience every ecommerce entrepreneur should have. But few actually do.

I didn’t know it at the time, but as a high school kid in the US, I had access to ecommerce infrastructure most of the world didn’t have. Millions of people around the world — who have no shortage of talent or ambition — had the exact same dream that I did but couldn’t realize it simply because of the country they lived in.

And the numbers tell the story. Despite there being millions of ecommerce stores created in the past few years, more than 90% of successful stores were created by entrepreneurs in just 4 countries: the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. And it’s not due to lack of talent elsewhere. There’s no shortage of entrepreneurs worldwide; they’re just lacking the right infrastructure to succeed.

Scalable aims to change that. Our vision is to give billions of people access to ecommerce entrepreneurship by providing the infrastructure it takes to succeed.

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Scalable Inc Vision


Building the abstraction layer for ecommerce

Scalable is more than software. Through the seamless integration of physical and software infrastructure, Scalable takes care of operations at every level of the ecommerce stack.

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Physical Infrastructure

Software Infrastructure

Vendor management

Advertising compliance

Payment processing

Tax compliance

Return handling

Payment holds

Fast order fulfillment

Quality control

Localized customer support


IP complaints

Chargeback handling


We’re 1% of the way there

Scalable was founded with an initial investment of just $2,000. Today, we’re on track to produce more than 25 million shipments across 185 countries. We haven’t taken outside investment and we’re rapidly expanding.

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Raymond orders t-shirts for his high school tennis club and has a bad experience. Motivated to do better, Raymond starts tinkering with an idea called “ooShirts”.

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