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At Scalable, we build technology to accelerate ecommerce growth around the world. We’re looking for people who are fast-moving and entrepreneurial, and who want to make a dent in the way commerce works.

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Culture at Scalable

We’re constantly thinking of ways to empower entrepreneurs and to lower the barrier to starting a company.

Today, entrepreneurs spend most of their time doing mundane work. From handling chargebacks and optimizing page load speeds to sourcing products and managing shipping partners, most entrepreneur-hours are spent not on innovation but on operations.

But it shouldn’t have to be this way: the same operational work has been done millions of times before by countless other companies. Why should everyone spend time on the same things?

Scalable aims to abstract away this low-level work. We’re building software and physical infrastructure so entrepreneurs don’t have to. And by doing so, we strive to free entrepreneurs up to be creative; to work on the cutting edge.

How we work

To work with entrepreneurs, we need to be one of the rare companies that understands them.

As a starting point, we look for team members that exhibit entrepreneurial qualities themselves. We think the best way to support our customers is to be obsessed about entrepreneurship ourselves.

Within the company today, many of us have the entrepreneurial bug — we’ve either worked at startups before or have started our own companies. Nearly all of entire leadership team has previously founded a company.

Over the years, we’ve crafted four entrepreneurial values — Customer Centricity, Sense of Urgency, Think Big, and Frugality — that represent to us what it means to be an entrepreneur.

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Customer Centricity
Sense of Urgency
Think Big

Value #1 – Customer Centricity

Entrepreneurship is about making something people want.

The reason companies exist in the first place is to offer products or services that people want. Companies, accordingly, should be aligned first and foremost on the customer.

Understanding the customer is a superpower, no different from inventing a breakthrough technology or recruiting a world-class team, and is one of the strongest advantages that exists in business.

Questions to think about:

  • Are you excited about talking with customers, even if it’s not in your job description?
  • Being customer centric starts with wanting to make a difference. Do you think deeply about how to make a difference in people’s lives?
  • How do you feel about understanding and accepting customers’ perspectives, even when they differ from your own?

Our team

Raymond Lei - CEO/ Founder

CEO/ Founder

Raymond Lei

Eric Zhang - CTO


Eric Zhang

CTO at Flotype (YC W11), Lever, Amazon, eBay Powerseller

Saša Zorović - Head of Finance

Head of Finance

Saša Zorović

CFO and COO SpinCar; Founder at Datalette/Bloomberg; Goldman Sachs, McKinsey

Jim Liszewski - Head of Business Operations

Head of Business Operations

Jim Liszewski

VP/GM at Shutterfly, founder at WMSG